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petition to remove honey dew melon from all assorted fruit bowls

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Miss Grundy breaking hearts and catching NO feelings

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taeyeon’s epic expression

for kyliejennor

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Looks that kill.

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If the infinite multiverse theory is true, i can take solace knowing theres a universe inhabited by nothing but snoop dogg

there’s also a universe where snoop dogg doesn’t exist


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i prefer | anonymous asked: taengsic or taeny

"Jessica, I’ve felt the same kind of unfamiliarity with you as I did with Tiffany—something to do with cultural differences—and I tried to understand you more, and you’re such a character. I’m not the approaching type, so I regret we’re not that close so far, but like in the movies, there could be an unexpected turn out right?" 
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Jiyeon: "I am not looking for solo success, i just want to show that T-ara has not fallen."

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